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In our changed worldview, the understanding of art in relation to humans has also changed – or was it the other way around ?!

© 2021 Andaluz, Matalascanas, Huelva (ES)

© 2021 Andaluz, Matalascanas, Huelva (ES)


The offspace | gallery panoptikum. deals with photography & art. We have also made it our task to focus on the “art” in art photography, to research it – and possibly to rediscover it!

We work with artists who have their own aesthetic approach. The approach as well as the subjective imagery is particularly important to us. Art photography is more than a mere idea, a documentation or an image of digital news images. We pay special attention to the materiality, the technology as well as an authentic interpretation of selected aspects of our society (culture) in which we all live. We mainly work with unique photographic items and very small editions.

Art & Photography - offspace | galerie panoptikum. - Klagenfurt - Austria

01.01. – 31.03.2022
We are looking for you! Our list of photographers could be a little longer?! Send us your portfolios. If there is anything, we’ll get in touch!

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> 24.02. – 27.02.2022

     JUSTMAD – Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid (ES).

We are really looking forward to the next edition of the JUSTMAD art fair in 2022! Our preparations started this month. Participating artists for the art fair: Edin Mustafic and Bernhard Lorenz Müller.

> 01.01. –  31.03.2022


We are looking for artists who would like to join us and present their work! Send us your photographic portfolios! We’ll get in touch with you if we like what we see!
All the best!

> 15.09. 2020 – 15.09.2022


Our art photography gallery is looking for a new location! We are also there for you ONLINE! In the meantime, we continue to participate in various art fairs, art projects and exhibitions.