Yves G.Noir

Esslingen (BRD)

Short Bio

Yves Noir, born in Strasbourg in 1967, has lived in Germany since 1985 and studied media design with a focus on photography until 1995. Since then, Yves Noir has been working as a freelance photographer and lecturer for photography at home and abroad. In addition to publications in illustrated books and magazines, his work has been shown at exhibitions in Paris, Milan, Arles, Salzburg and Stuttgart, among others.

Artist Statement

The focus of his photographic work is on depicting people in their original state. Against this background, his nudes in particular should not serve to convey erotic moments, but rather convey the natural aesthetics of the body. Those silent pictures invite the viewer to linger. The gaze should lead back to the experience of the human original unprotectedness and vulnerability and then release individual or socially occupied points of interpretation from this identificatory confrontation. The pictures are created in collaboration with artists and everyday people.

Art & Photography

Out of raw

Photography, 2012

JUSTMAD 2021 - Contemporary Art Fair, Palacio Neptuno, Madrid, Spanien

Exhibition view: © 2012 Yves G. Noir – Out of raw

Series: © 2012 Yves G. Noir – Out of raw

Clearly unambiguous
Unusual: Yves Noir manages to trigger emotions in the viewer with his photo series “Out of Raw” without showing the face of his model or any living conditions. We see a naked woman’s body, limited by the edges of the selected section. No room, no furniture, no utensils, not a whole head. The protagonist presents her nakedness in front of and on an undefined, white, neutral-sterile surface. Where “presented” is an inadequate word. Because her gestures have nothing to do with presenting in the sense of poses. Rather, it seems as if the recordings were made almost incidentally, while the person was bored waiting for someone or something. Your body is not beautiful. Not in the classic sense. Broken veins and hard bones press against the outer wall of their no longer young skin. And yet there is an enormous poetry emanating from the photographs, which have obviously taken a lot of time. Some photos show impressively illuminated body torsos, others reveal a quiet physical landscape with hills and bushes. Thighs and hips become rock formation, skin folds into crevices.

Clearly: We are dealing with a real person here, not a typical photo model. Nothing is glossed over. The photos are (as their title suggests) “out of raw”, raw, almost natural, the 1: 1 results from the camera, equivalents of the “raw” files. Nobody has touched up the birthmarks or chased the pores through the soft focus. The reducedness of the colors (we are almost tempted to speak of black and white photographs) is achieved solely through appropriate lighting and not through digital post-processing.

The ambivalence of the motifs is certainly one of the main attractions of the photo series. The model invited by Yves Noir to the photo session is neither young nor old, neither clearly ugly nor clearly beautiful. Is she thin due to illness or does she want her body just like that? Like many questions in life, these cannot be answered unequivocally either. It is precisely for this reason that I integrated this photo series into my group exhibition “Belt Line” in 2013, in which five photo artists balanced the lines between the erotic and the un-erotic.
(Text: Marko Schacher, gallery owner and curator Stuttgart, August 2017)

Title: Out of raw | Year: 2012 | Print: 75×50 cm | Ink: Pigment Ink | Paper: Hahnemühle Fine Art | Alu-Dibond, thickness 5 mm | Series: 14 single images | Edition A: 10 (+1 AE)


08.07. – 11.07.2021
JUSTMAD (XII Edition) Contemporary Art Fair
Palacio Neptuno, Madrid (ES)

07.12. – 28.12.2018
panoptikum.WERKSCHAU 2018
offspace | galerie panoptikum.