Edin Mustafic
EM © 2015 - Unsharp #04
Slider (5): © EM 2015 - Unsharp #04

Title: Unsharp #04
An attempt to stimulate the viewer's imagination. Bernd Hüppauf dedicated his essay between Imitation and Simulation - The blurred image of 2006 - to the phenomenon of blurred image and its reception. According Hüppauf blur is 'a visual simulation that violates the rules of imitation and documentation'. The simulated motion blur reduced the object to shapes, lines and blury surfaces while increasing image dynamics. The unsharpness deprives the picture the status of uniqueness cf. Hüppauf, p 271)

The controversy dispute about the importance of detail and sharpness however is based not only in a pure media debate, but finds its origin in the epistemological question whether the truth is objectively measurable (sharpness) or is to be found in the nature of the case (the blur) (cf. Stiegler, p 19 - 22)