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Comments and thoughts on media, art and culture.
B: ME 2014

Comments and critics onand about the topics Media, Art and Culture. Subjective truths cristalizing or digitalizing from time to time in our civilized and mediatized society.

Why I'm particularly interested in the art sector?
(1) Nowhere are geniality and giddiness so close together. (2) Nowhere is the artist's density as low as in 'art'. (3) Nowhere else can one learn more or less than in 'art'.

> What else?
ME 2018
The myth of 'Beauty'?!
Plato's beauty was to be found as a metaphysical principle, as a factor of the universal order. With Descartes and the basis of the subject as a starting point of all knowledge, forfeit the original claim of beauty to exist regardless of the viewer. Also Hume's definition, the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, made it difficult for the beauty, to develop in form and content autonomously. The beauty lost as an essential feature of art ground. I'm working on the vision to emphasize this beauty in the contemporary photography, in whatever form.