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In our changed worldview the understanding of art to human is changing as well - or was it the other way round?
B: Exhibition views: panoptikum. SHOWCASE 2017

Startet as a 'no-name' Club in the 'Innviertel' (Upper Austria) we made it our task to establish and maintain an art community outside the usual sphere as well. Our goal is to bring the 'art' into our region and make it accessible to everyone. Our location in the middle of nowhere serves as a core principle in our gallery concept. We act as an gallery and exhibition space and try to merge the two most important components in art: The Edin and the world!

Our Art Project 'offSpace | galerie panoptikum.' tries to push cooperations and (collective) art projects. One of our primar aims is to place photography in our art world and as a place of encounters to engage actively in their development.

Our visitors can make themselves comfortable and enjoy our offspace gallery with its special atmosphere. During exhibitions times and our Art Salons you can visit our offspace. Revenues from art sales and events are used for our club operations was well as for our artists. We are equipped with some seats, a few accessoires and a lot of photography.

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# 15.03.2018

Project: "Kunst macht Schule"

A transdisciplinary educational approach!?
"Culture is the biggest paradoxon of exonomics: it is not balanceable and bears long-term interest rates." (Prof. Dr. F. Achleitner, Upper Austria).
I: Project: "Art Makes School " 2018
VS Moosdorf & offspace|galerie panoptikum.

We plunge into the transdisciplinary art culture and ecucational offensive! We are starting our transdisciplinary educational approach with the elementary school Moosdorf (Upper Austria). Based on the idea from the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research "Kunst macht Schule" (Art makes school) we would like to pick up this transdisciplinary approach to emphasize art & (media)culture in education. We would like to perform our role as an art and cultural mediator in society and follow alternative pathways in culture and education policy. We are supported by mayor Manfred Emersberger, the local business community, artists and motivated art lovers. The project takes place in Spring/Summer 2018 with the classes 1-4 of the elementary school Moosdorf.

The first class is working with the artist Edith Argauer. The artists Franz Schischek and Siegfried Wähner look after the 2nd and 4rd classes. The 3rd class works as part of the "Photography and Art" workshop here in our offspace gallery with the artist Edin Mustafic.

Futher information will follow at regular intervals!

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Photo Salon 2018.

Art&Talk&Sound !?
Every first friday of the month we are opening our Photo Salon. Our offspace gallery is open to all visitors, artists and humans. Opening hours: 6 pm - 0:01 am.

> Dates ...
B: Photo Salon Dates 2018

# 01.11.2017

Open Call 2018.

Who shows us some pdf Portfolios?
2018 we are dealing with the topic Art vs. Not-Art. We invite all artists to submit their portfolio or exhibition proposals. Delivered material will not be returned. Ideally you have got a website or you can send us your portfolio electronically. Series are prefered. Additionally we are kindly asking for an image description. Please add technical description of your artwork as well (Limitation, Format, Price, Materials, ...). E-mail is enough!

> more...
ME 2017
Art vs. Not-Art
The year 2018 is for us therefore characterized by art criticism. A comparison between Art and Non-Art and the courageous attempt of creating art categories.
B: 'Dead 'Giololo II' on Alhambra, ES / © ME 2005

The exhibition shows different photographic works from Artists and Non-Artists. We are trying to approach in a visual discourse to the border between Art and Not-Art. Art is becoming pragmatic, useful and functional and can no longer indulge in the freedom of (just) being. Art is abused as the language pipe of society. Art as an outcry of society. Where do we draw lines between Art and Not-Art? Are there borders at all?

# 01.03.2018

niMi! Selection.

A Sign for Art and a unique present!
Gift a 'good act' and uniqueness in form of our niMi!-Selection Series. Each Series contains between 8 - 12 images. Buying one of our niMi!-Selection artworks supports our idea of operating a photography offspace.
Our idea is to offer our visitors something special and unique. Normally purchasing unique artworks is not easy. Limitations and high prices prevent ourselves succumbing the stimulus of uniqueness. Alternativerly images with high number of copies are bought in order to get at least the image. A copie out of many others. We are not making any compromises. Every niMi!-Selection photography is a unique artwork.
All Artworks are framed, signed and certified. They are alternatively coming home to you by delivery service in a nice packaging or you can choose your niMi!-Artwork right from our wall in our offSpace gallery. You got curious? Wonderful!

> Curious?
Ok! We've decided to increase your curiousity and joy even more. We don't want to take your anticipations in no way. Anticipation is the greatest joy. First niMi!-Selections will be published from 01.06.2018. You can admire and purchase them here in our gallery.

# 01.06.2017


Renovation impressions of our offSpace location (2014 - 2017). New and heated rooms arose, which want to be filled with visitors again. The building was more than 60 years a country restaurant and before decades a meat carving with a small slaughter house. Now it's becoming an offspace gallery.

B: Review / offSpace panoptikum. / © ME 2017 /

The Idea.

The imagination is unlimited. It motivates you - it is the elixir of action. No efforts are too much. No job is too hard. No way is too far. All odds are eliminated. Tirelessly working - day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow and here. The idea lives and grows - fueled by an unimaginable inner satisfaction. A satisfaction arises, which fizzled out in the face of the project to a moment of happiness which desires more. Overtime. More routes and more adversity.
The idea has formed itself to an integral part of life, daily work and the future. The imagination makes us simultaneously live a future parallel reality, nourished by the idea that develops and exists. And continuously it assumes more concrete forms, so that two equal realities arise. The life in the here and now!

> behind the scenes...
ME 2017
Project: offSpace | galerie panoptikum.
You would like to know what really happened behind the scenes? Ok! The last 4 years were not really easy-going. We did lots of heavy works. We rebuilt the whole entire groundfloor inkluding for instance new floor-heating, floors, walls, doors, electricity, new water-supply, bar, toilets and many more. The last years were characterized by heavy physical works and even more sweat.
Some years ago I started with my idea building up a photography offspace location here. For running an offspace gallery I needed first to establish the right surrounding. So I decided to rebuild the ground floor completely. My plan was in the first step to get rid of the old floor with the ugly tiles. As I - in general - dont't have any problems with bit heavy work and in that time nothing better to do, I have thought I should just start. In the meantime I was sometimes really fighting with all that work as I did everything on my own - but now after 4 years it's almost done!
B: Renovation, toilet #01 / offSpace panoptikum. / © ME 2015

B: Renovation, toilet #01 A / offSpace panoptikum. / © ME 2016

No matter how much I did the work seemed neverending. (Notice: The work still haven't stopped!) But after a while one could see first changes. There is still lot to do, but the whole heavy works were almost finished. And the most important fact, the interior was comfortably warm due to the new heating. The heating was working perfectly!
B: Renovation, room #03 / offSpace panoptikum. / © ME 2016

Of course we are not yet on target but we can see the finish. And it goes on. Some works here and something there. Everything slowly takes on concrete forms. There we still need a bar and here a mobile wall. On that position a further box. The bay window area needs a wooden floor. The other room still needs a new ceiling. But now one could see something or nothing. Whichever way you take it. I'm seeing the pending work and you are seing an empty room.
B: Renovation, room #01 / offSpace panoptikum. / © ME 2017

This year we are finishing the small rest till summer. Especially we are looking forward to getting our picture rails and the curtains. Right now we are discussing which color they should have? At the moment we are thinking of heaving grey walls in our gallery and white curtains. Room #03 will be white. Images will be online in summer.



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