In our changed worldview the understanding of art to human is changing as well - or was it the other way round!?
View: offspace | galerie panoptikum. - Unscharp #04

The offspace | gallery panoptikum. is an austrian art & photography gallery. We made it our task to deal, explore or even redefine the concept of 'beauty" especially in the contemporary art photography.

> The concept of BEAUTY.
Plato's beauty was to be found as a metaphysical principle, as a factor of the universal order. With Descartes and the basis of the subject as a starting point of all knowledge, forfeit the original claim of beauty to exist regardless of the viewer. Also Hume's definition, the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, made it difficult for the beauty, to develop in form and content autonomously. The beauty lost as an essential feature of art ground. We are working on the vision to emphasize this beauty in the contemporary art photography, in whatever form. This - someone would say - insane attempt can only fail, right!?

We are working with artists who have their own aesthetic access to art photography. The approach as well as the personal image language are very important to us. Contemporary art photography is more than a simple idea, a documentation or the illustration (image) of digital newsmedia images. Our focus is on the materiality, the technique and the authentic interpretation of selected aspects in our society (culture) we are all living in - without thinking in categories. We are working either with unique or very low editions.

Our 'offSpace | galerie panoptikum.' tries to push cooperations and (collective) art projects. As a place of encounters we want to engage actively in the development of contemporary art photography.

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Photo Salon 2019.

Every first friday of the month we are opening our Photo Salon. Our offspace gallery is open to all visitors, artists and humans. Opening hours: 2 - 10 pm.

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JUSTMAD 2019 (X Edition)

Emerging Art Fair, Madrid (ES)
Art Fair: 26.02. - 03.03.2019

Exhibiting Artists: Edin Mustafic, Bernhard Müller, Michael Bachhofer

Our first time.

The offspace | gallery panoptikum. has managed to mix with some wonderful contemporary art galleries participating in the JUSTMAD Art Fair in Madrid (ES). We are looking forward to our first (international) Art Fair.
B: JUSTMAD X - Emerging Art Fair, Palacio Neptuno, Madrid (ES) 2019

ME 2019
Our first international art fair is over! It was a great pleasure and honor to participate in the JUSTMAD X Edition - Emerging Art Fair 2019 in Madrid (ES). We have seen lots of wonderful artworks and galleries. We established many new contacts, met lots of interesting people and we found new friends there. Our artworks had a great positive feedback from all sides. We are looking forward to coming next year to this high-class art fair again!

Especially we want to thank Ms. Semiramis G. and Mr. Daniel Silvo for the invitation. In addition we want to thank Ms. Mercedes Koch as well for her help during the whole fair. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

# 25.02.2019

Unsharp #02

Dimensions: 90 x 70 cm (inkl. PP & Frame)
Edin Mustafic, 2014
Edition: 1 (+1 AE)

B: JUSTMAD X - Art Fair 2019 - Unsharp #02

# 25.02.2019

How much heaven does a man need?

Dimensions: 140 x 100 cm
Bernhard Lorenz Müller, 2001

B: JUSTMAD X - Art Fair 2019 - How much heaven does a man need?

# 25.02.2019

The three pillars of democracy

Money, Power & Greed
Mixed Media: Styropor & building materials;
Dimensions: 150 x 34 x 37 cm (3x)

Edin Mustafic, 2019

B: JUSTMAD X - Art Fair 2019 - The three pillars of democracy

# 20.03.2018

Project: "Art makes school"

2018: A transdisciplinary educational approach!

I: Project: "art makes school " 2018
VS Moosdorf, 4th class & offspace|galerie panoptikum.

We plunge into the transdisciplinary art culture and ecucational offensive! We are starting our transdisciplinary educational approach "art makes school" with the elementary school in Moosdorf (Upper Austria). Based on the idea from the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research "Kunst macht Schule" (Art makes school) we would like to pick up this transdisciplinary approach to emphasize art & culture in education. We would like to perform our role as an art and cultural mediator in society and follow alternative pathways in culture and education policy.

We are supported by mayor Manfred Emersberger, the local business community, artists and motivated art lovers. The project takes place in autumn 2018 with the classes 1-4 of the elementary school Moosdorf.

We are on a good way! Many thanks to all people involved in this educational project "Art makes School" 2018!