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I: View: Studio 5133 (Edin Mustafic)

Startet as a 'no-name' Club in the 'Innviertel' (Upper Austria) we made it our task to establish and maintain an art community outside the usual sphere as well. Our goal is to bring the 'art' into our region and make it accessible to everyone. Our location in the middle of nowhere serves as a core principle in our gallery concept. We act as an gallery and exhibition space and try to merge the two most important components in art: "The Edin and the world!"

Our Art Project 'offSpace | galerie panoptikum.' tries to push cooperations and (collective) art projects. One of our primar aims is to place photography in our art world and as a place of encounters to engage actively in their development.

Our visitors can make themselves comfortable and enjoy our offspace gallery with its special atmosphere. During exhibitions times and our Photo Salons you can visit our offspace. Revenues from art sales and events are used for our club operations was well as for our artists. We are equipped with some seats, a few accessoires and a lot of photography.

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# 20.09.2017

panoptikum. SHOWCASE 2017

Vernissage: 15.09.2017
Exhibition: 15.09.2017 - 31.10.2017

Artists: Edin Mustafic, Bernhard Müller, Yves Noir, Michael Bachhofer

The Opening 2017.

We have invited to our first vernissage. In addition to cozy sound and a small bar, we furnished a few seats. Actually, not quite finished, there was nothing else in the way to start with our exhibition.
I: Exhibition view panoptikum. SHOWCASE 2017 (r #1)

ME 2017
On the 15th September 2017 our first panoptikum. EXHIBITION took place. Result? In short, 'It was an eyecatching experience!' We have managed to gather many curious people with us in the Innviertel (Upper Austria) and partly marvel due to the excellent presentation of the artworks. The works were characterized by a high degree of quality, artistic depth and a special aesthetic. The participating artists were Bernhard Müller (Sbg), Yves Noir (Stuttgart, Germany), Michael Bachhofer (Vienna) and Edin Mustafic (Gilgenberg aW.)
(1) In the 1st room Michael Bachhofers artwork 'You are beautiful' welcomed the visitors. The butterfly is particularly impressive for its size, detail and color diversity. Next to it we saw the series 'Poetry of Destruction' by Bernhard Müller. An arc of silk paper in various phases and states of constructive destruction. If you let your eyes wander to the right, you could see the niMi!-Series by Edin Mustafic. A series of small-format unicates with (constructed) dried roses as motif.

B: 'Your are beautiful' (MB 2014)

B: 'Poetry of destruction' (BM 2015)

B: 'niMi!-Series' (EM 2017)

(2) In the 2nd room one could see works by the photographer Yves Noir from Stuttgart in Germany. The presented photos were raw, natural and could be viewed as an equivalent to a 'raw' file. We saw the naked body of a woman in a sterile environment. Untouched, direct and real. Looking to the left, we saw photographs from the series 'Anatomy of an emotional assault' by Edin Mustafic. The hard light on the black background developed a special effect in the pictures. The series showed a woman who is carried away by her emotions.

B: 'Out of raw' (YN 2015)

B: 'Anatomy of an emotional Assault' (EM 2015)

(3) In the 3rd room a composition by Bernhard Müller was awaiting us on the occassion of the happening DADA:C by Bureau du Grand Mot (arranged on 05.02.2016 in Salzburg). One hundred years after the founding of DADA, the obvious absurdity of the prevailing corporate standards has once again become more powerful and is reflected in the current daily news. The content of the 45 daily newspapers becomes the decal of a collective sense of emptiness. Next to it on the wall there were 5 pictures of the series 'Interpretation: RUBENS'. Edin M. has extrapolated subjects from Rubens' works and embededd them in a colored background using the same color harmonies. Opposite was the 'Butterfly-Eye-Cam' by Michael Bachhofer. A rectangular construction with over 35,000 straws. Standing in front of the construction, one could see through the straws as butterflies do. There was an additional mobile wall diagonal in the room. This wall presented a small-format photo series by Bernhard Müller. On the occasion of the book project 'hochbetagt', 15 photographers from Austria and Germany have portrayed 17 highly-esteemed women and men. There were touching, sensitive and also entertaining portraits. The book was published in August 2017 in the Anton Pustet Verlag.

B: 'DADA:C' (BM 2016)

B: 'Interpretation: RUBENS' (EM 2014)

B: 'Butterfly Eye Cam' (MB 2014)

(4) In the corridor the series 'Unsharp #02' by Edin Mustafic was shown. A series of blurred motifs, which attempt to stimulate the imagination of the beholder. In addition, one could see some small-format baskets as well as some lino prints.

B: 'Unsharp #02' (EM 2015 )

B: Impressions 2017

We would like to thank all the people who supported our panptikum. SHOWCASE 2017. We hope the way was not in vain?! We would like to thank all the people who helped us to prepare for the exhibition. We would also like to thank Gerhard Greiner for his very amusing cabaret about art.


# 03.07.2017

Studio 5133.

Converted old slaughterhouse! Cold, dark and unpleasant. A hostile environment for people and photographers.
I: Studio 5133 (Upper Austria) / Edin Mustafic / © ME 2017 /

Studio 5133
A tribute to my cold and dark studio. The extreme opposite to many others I would spontaneously claim. If anybody expect a heated, clean and white studio with large windows and a 'chill' couch at room temperature then you are wrong. Rather the opposite is the case: A cold, dark and dirty space with temperatures about 15°C is awaiting us.

ME 2017
A cold, dark and dirty space.
The studio consists of two rooms. The first smaller room is used as storage and darkroom if neccessary. The second large room is the actual studio. The studio height is about 4.5 meters. The photo wall as well as the floor area are each 4x4 meters. All the walls around are suspended with heavy black Molton. As soon as you enter the studio you feel as if your are immersed in a small hidden, almost imaginary and self-contained reality from the real world. No noise, no distraction, no light - little penetrates from outside. When you are inside, you feel like you are on the stage of an abandoned theatre.
The floor is painted black. Somewhere there is an old dusty couch, a wood stove and a sound system. That's it! No other items or modern means of communication. An empty, cold and analogous space.
One would stay here for a while but already when entering the studio it becomes clear that longer stays are only conditionally possible. The cold(ness) is unique. As if death would welcome one. In fact, this building was formerly a slaughter house. It is clear the studio must remain in this condition. Even if the environment is already hostile to life, many fascinating artistic works are created here.

Studio 5133
Edin Mustafic
Ruderstallgassen 4, A-5133 Gilgenberg (OÖ)

# 01.06.2017


Renovation impressions of our offSpace location (2014 - 2017). New and heated rooms arose, which want to be filled with visitors again. The building was more than 60 years a country restaurant and before decades a meat carving with a small slaughter house. Now it's becoming an offspace gallery.

B: Review / offSpace panoptikum. / © ME 2017 /

The Idea.

The imagination is unlimited. It motivates you - it is the elixir of action. No efforts are too much. No job is too hard. No way is too far. All odds are eliminated. Tirelessly working - day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow and here. The idea lives and grows - fueled by an unimaginable inner satisfaction. A satisfaction arises, which fizzled out in the face of the project to a moment of happiness which desires more. Overtime. More routes and more adversity.
The idea has formed itself to an integral part of life, daily work and the future. The imagination makes us simultaneously live a future parallel reality, nourished by the idea that develops and exists. And continuously it assumes more concrete forms, so that two equal realities arise. The life in the here and now!

ME 2017
Project: offSpace | galerie panoptikum.
You would like to know what really happened behind the scenes? Ok! The last 4 years were not really easy-going. We did lots of heavy works. We rebuilt the whole entire groundfloor inkluding for instance new floor-heating, floors, walls, doors, electricity, new water-supply, bar, toilets and many more. The last years were characterized by heavy physical works and even more sweat.
Some years ago I started with my idea building up a photography offspace location here. For running an offspace gallery I needed first to establish the right surrounding. So I decided to rebuild the ground floor completely. My plan was in the first step to get rid of the old floor with the ugly tiles. As I - in general - dont't have any problems with bit heavy work and in that time nothing better to do, I have thought I should just start. In the meantime I was sometimes really fighting with all that work as I did everything on my own - but now after 4 years it's almost done!
B: Renovation, toilet #01 / offSpace panoptikum. / © ME 2015

B: Renovation, toilet #01 A / offSpace panoptikum. / © ME 2016

No matter how much I did the work seemed neverending. (Notice: The work still haven't stopped!) But after a while one could see first changes. There is still lot to do, but the whole heavy works were almost finished. And the most important fact, the interior was comfortably warm due to the new heating. The heating was working perfectly!
B: Renovation, room #03 / offSpace panoptikum. / © ME 2016

Of course we are not yet on target but we can see the finish. And it goes on. Some works here and something there. Everything slowly takes on concrete forms. There we still need a bar and here a mobile wall. On that position a further box. The bay window area needs a wooden floor. The other room still needs a new ceiling. But now one could see something or nothing. Whichever way you take it. I'm seeing the pending work and you are seing an empty room.
B: Renovation, room #01 / offSpace panoptikum. / © ME 2017

This year we are finishing the small rest till summer. Especially we are looking forward to getting our picture rails and the curtains. Right now we are discussing which color they should have? At the moment we are thinking of heaving grey walls in our gallery and white curtains. Room #03 will be white. Images will be online in summer.



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